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Free downloads are non-profitable.

Secure checkout via these:

Lease License


*For mixtape/free download purposes only. One video production usage is accepted. For album/record (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music etc.) sales be sure to purchase a supreme or exclusive license.

Supreme License


- 5,000 units can be sold

-Perform live at shows.

-500,000 online streams.

-Credit/Copyrights must have

Duan Barrino in them.

-Duan Barrino still owns the


-Not for radio use.

-Comes in mp3 (320kbps), wav format & STEM files provided

-Contracts provided

Exclusive License

$ Negotiate Price Below

- Unlimited sales

-Album Use

-Perform live at shows.

-Unlimited online streaming.

-Credit/Copyrights must have

Duan Barrino in them.

-Buyer owns instrumental.

-For radio use.

-Comes in mp3 & wav format unmastered.

-Contracts & STEMS provided

All voicetags are removed after purchase.

Contact Me

Thanks! Message sent.

All rights reserved Duan Barrino
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