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Professional mixing and mastering.

Give your music what it needs to compete with the bigwigs.

Songs Mixed or Mastered
by Duan Barrino
Mixing and Mastering Services
Services usually take around 48 hours. (Revisions make it longer)
Here is an opportunity to take your music to the next level. A lot of people fail with their music due to lack of good mixing and mastering. The methods that i learned in school are industry level certified and will not be found on the internet like this.All you simply have to do is when your finished with your session:
-First bounce a rough draft of how you want it to sound. It does not have to be perfect but this gives me a feel for what you want. You have up to two revisions before additional charges. If you have any details just email me once you have finished with payments.
-Balance your levels on all tracks to where your hitting a quarter ways under yellow. This ensures headroom for a good mix.
-Turn off all delays and reverb
-Bounce all tracks individually or if your DAW allows bouncing multiple tracks at once please do so. Make sure you save them to a folder that you can find easily. I suggest creating a folder to your desktop. Name all files ex.hook1, hook2, verse1, verse2, intro, outro, kick, snare, hi-hat etc. (For best results export WAV files at 24 bit/44.1 khz) If you have any questions about this please feel free and contact me.
-If you have Pro Tools, Logic Pro, or Garage Band just compress/zip the session folder or file and upload to your choice of file sharing providers. Make sure you get rid of any unwanted audio clips and make sure everything is labeled properly. If you have any questions about this please feel free and contact me.
For mastering services or if you are adding mastering services:

-When your finished with your final mix, make sure your master level is hitting between -3 and -6 db. If a little less thats fine, you just want to leave room for mastering.


-Once achieved bounce the track at 24bit/44.1 khz WAV file. Play track back and make sure mix is perfected to the ears. Create a folder and place the file in it.

-Zip folder with winzip or mac just right click and compress.-If you have a google or hotmail account you can easily upload your compressed/zipped file to Google's Google Drive or Hotmail's One Drive. Another good one is Dropbox, it offers the same features as the other two i mentioned. If you have any other file sharing programs that you use please feel free and upload via these as well. Once files are finished uploading copy the link and make it shareable. Make sure links are made shareable. If not I will not be able to access the files needed.
-If more than one song please remember to save them in seperate folders before compressing/zipping. Also change quantity to the number of songs to be mixed.
Thanks for shopping,
Duan Barrino
*All the file sharing ways that I mention are free. Unless you want to upgrade for more space in the future
For Mixing & Mastering Pricing Contact
  Services usually take around 48-72 hours. (Revisions make it longer)
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