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I recently graduated from the Music Production Program at Full Sail University, and proven experience in music production as well a musician. My strong work ethics and excellent musicianship makes me pay attention to every detail. I feel confident that this will make me an asset to your company.


Areas of Expertise:

Original Composition

• Sound Design

• Interactive Audio

• Recording

• Mixing

• Digital Mastering

• Arrangement

• Vocal Production

• Logic Pro

• Pro Tools

• Sibelius

• Piano

• Hammond Organ

• Trumpet

• Tuba


Academic Experience

Advanced Music Theory

- I've analyzed scores and lead sheets of many different genres.

- Written and notated advanced music parts.

- Completed drills in Musition and Auralia

- Accurately performed scales and short chord progressions on piano and vocally.

- Identified the quality and inversion of both triads and seventh chords by ear.

- Recognized diatonic modes by ear.

- Applied intermediate and advanced music theory concepts in two voice and four voice composition

Advanced Music Production for Media

- Created music to sync to media.

- Mixed music for media.

- I learned to utilize communicative skills in a professional manner like with clients and directors

- Audio Editing

- Sound Design

Game Music Composition

- Composed and formatted music assets for game projects

- Built music for all genres.

- Created custom game media for demo reels.

- Created horizontal and vertical arrangement.

Advanced Audio Production

- Fixed punches on background vocals.

- Used Elastic Time and Elastic Pitch to fix timing and pitch issues.

- Fades

- Identified good vocals over bad.

- Moved phrases and edited transitions and applied fades on clips.

- Live drum tracks (editing).

- Phase aligned drum tracks

- Quantized drum tracks



Full Sail University February 6, 2015

Full Sail University – Winter Park, FL

Bachelors of Science Degree in Music Production

Duan Barrino Resume