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2018 Music Mentality

How much are you willing to give for your music to prosper this year? Let's concentrate on one thing, quality. Over the past few years I have worked more on quality over quantity. Don't get me wrong having numbers is good but having quality goes much further. For example I offer beats for sale on my website. My numbers doubled in 2017 due to quality. How did I achieve that? Let's take a look at a few points.

- Knowledge: What does it take to get quality music? (I'll leave this for the readers to find out. If you need a little hint? It's a process.)

- Takes Time: It will take some time to learn so relax. My ears have been trained for years to understand different types of quality. The quickest way I can tell you is go listen to the biggest hit record in your country right now. Does your music sound like that? If not, you have something to shoot for now. Find out what they are doing by either going to school, reading books or even surfing the internet. Be wise though when it comes to the internet.

- Presentation: I'll make this short and sweet. Would you rather someone serve you food on a nice beautiful plate or a trash can lid? Music is the same way. If the presentation is off a little they will not listen or buy it.

When I first started selling music online it was a mess. I really had no idea what I was doing until I took the time to learn the craft. It took a lot more than I expected. So going into 2018 understand that quality is the key. If you need any help with getting started on your music journey check out my last blog.

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