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Balancing Life & Your Artistry

Duan Barrino Music | Buy Beats Online | Mixing & Mastering
Duan Barrino Music | Buy Beats Online | Mixing & Mastering

This is not going to be an easy post to talk about. The reason for that is because so many artist and producers don't take this part seriously. What might that be... Emotions.

Your emotions play a big part in creativity. It becomes the art/music. So if your having a bad day pretty much the art/music is going to be dark and gloomy. Then on the other hand your having a great day the art/music becomes bright and sunny. The problem is being prepared for the audience to except you as an artist or producer. If your not used to making happy, sad or mad art/music your likely to lose that audience.

If your audience fell in love with the softer more loving side of your art/music that's what you have to stick with. So many "beginner" artist and producers don't think about this. The reason why my audience has grown so much is due to being consistent (Feelings and emotions included). That word is very dear to me because it's the biggest part of my brand. There is never a day that goes by now that I don't try to motivate someone. It's a good mindset to be in for me due to how much art/music I work on daily. My clients don't deserve to feel my bad day. So I have to be prepared at all times for what comes my way.

Remember you don't have to take my word for it. Just know, you have to be able to balance life and your artistry at the same time. Be blessed.

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