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Beginners List For Rappers & Singers

To get the year 2018 going I thought that I would help my circle of beginners out with a little list on how to get their music career started. Nothing in this list is a solid to do but it will get you on the road to do big things.

- Record Deal? or No Record Deal?: You don't need a record deal. Everything is achievable on your own. Record companies are a thing of the past now. With a little knowledge you can get very far.

- Branding: Your name. Not your birth name unless you are comfortable with your birth name. In most cases make sure it is something short and catchy, easy to remember. This name should be across all of your social media pages and website. Also what do you want people to know you for will go along with your name. This will put a mark on your brand. Make it memorable.

- Budget: Money! Not "a lot" of it but some money. You have to treat your soon to be music career as if it's a baby. A baby can't survive without eating. To eat takes money so understand that this is not a free journey. This might mean cutting back on some stuff on your end. You have to be prepared for this part at all times because nothing is free in life.

- Time: Be patient. If you are in this for money or fame erase that from your mind now. You don't want to have your head in a bad place while being a creator. Know that you will be successful while maintaining your lifestyle. So take your time and relax. Making good music is the key to your success. Look at every chance that you release music as being your big shot.

- Production: Beats-Instrumentals are needed in your position all the time. If you have a producer to work with make sure that relationship is tight knit. It makes the music that much better. There are many sites online that producers offer their beats for sale. It's not a bad idea to buy instrumentals or beats online. It's actually a way to get ahead. You can find all types of styles and genres in a matter of seconds. Either way the key is having beats-instrumentals to write to.

- Studio Time: Home Studio or Professional Studio it really doesn't matter. Just make sure your engineering or engineers know what they are doing. If you don't have a good recording it will be hard to mix. So make sure you put productive time into making sure recordings are as clean as possible. It does not take expensive equipment to get a good sound.

- Mixing & Mastering: This part is very important! If you don't understand how to mix and master your music please find someone who knows what they are doing. There are online sites that offer these services so take advantage of them.

- Distribution: There are numerous ways to distribute music in this era. Just make sure you are comfortable with the one you choose. Key is being able to drive traffic to it.

- Promotion: Without promo it can be hard to get noticed. Remember there are millions of people to compete with in music. Artist are releasing music everyday. Getting lost in the sea of music is easy to do without excellent promo so take this seriously as well. (Make sure this is done correctly per the platforms settings. You want to reach as many people as possible.)

- Sharing: Use all the social media platforms available. The thing is don't spam anyone. Use things like Facebook Promotion to drive potential fans to that one post. This is so you don't have to post the same post up numerous of times. This goes along with promotion as well.

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