ES2 Synth Reload Pack

What comes in the Digital Download:

-75+ Synth Presets (Plucked, Leads, Pads, Bass)

-20+ Channel Strip Synth Presets

-Bonus Ultrabeat Hip Hop Presets

-Video on how to upload into Logic Pro

The Conglomerate is a collection of preset synths created from scratch by me Duan Barrino. In the past years I have done a lot of research on Logic Pro's ES2. In my findings I see that there is a lack of hip hop sounds that come stock in the ES2. The sad part about all of this is the ES2 is very deadly when used correctly! I have been asked so many times what plugin's do I use? Some even get specific like "Is that Nexus?" or even "Is that Ominshpere?" Well now I guess a lot of those who have asked will now know. 

This is the first of many I plan to release so stay tuned for more to come your way. A lot of people don't have time to put sounds together. Well I plan to make it easier.

ES2 Synth Reload Pack